Are Maxtrax Value for money ??

Maxtrax Value – At a RRP of $299 for a set of 2 MAXTRAX, they aren’t the cheapest recovery equipment available. But they definitely aren’t the most expensive.

What you are getting with a set of MAXTRAX is 1.15 metres of firm, flexible, ground. With traction that can be used without the need for another vehicle when making vehicle recoveries.

When traveling alone or as a small group. The ability to be able to carry and use a recovery aid like Maxtrax will prove invaluable over time. Maxtrax are reusable and as long as you follow the instructions and keep wheel spin to a minimum. They should last you for years.

Maxtrax Recovery Tracks

Maxtrax Value over time.

We put our sets through about 20 sand recoveries as well as the Bridge test. Apart from a few tyre marks on the teeth, a couple of scratches and getting a little dirty, they have remained intact.

The continual testing, with innovation and additional features has seen the Maxtrax evolve from MK I to the current MK II model. There is a reason why Maxtrax Recovery tracks are chosen by many 4×4 Adventurers, as well as Dakar and other rally teams. Maxtrax are now the Official Recovery Device of the Baja 1000. They really are an essential piece of Recovery Equipment that definitely has a place in the kit.