Are Maxtrax a Quality Product?

Maxtrax Quality – We frequently get asked about Maxtrax compared to other recovery boards.

Maxtrax are made from a premium UV stabilized and engineered reinforced nylon. The quality is easy to see in the bounce back capability of the Maxtrax.

A single Maxtrax bridge test produced evidence of the flexible properties inherent to this material.

Maxtrax Quality

Maxtrax Quality

Maxtrax Flexibility

The in built rigidity and flexibility of the Maxtrax is similar to the high-grade nylon plastics used in military and law enforcement equipment. Maxtrax also provide you with a ramp at both ends of the device. This increases the usability and life of the Maxtrax. By reducing slippage as spinning from tyres when first engaging the Maxtrax.

Moving up onto the boards is where you could possibly wear down the teeth from wheel spin and friction. With a ramp at either end you have effectively reduced the chance of slipping and doubled the life of your board.