Cairns to Cape York.

7 days road tripping from Cairns to Cape York. Written by Hannah Statham Day 1: Cairns to Cooktown Any trip to Cape York kicks off in Cairns, which holds pole position to discovering the Peninsula. Between Cairns and Cooktown, you’ll wind your way up The Bloomfield Track, a 4WD trail that easily holds its own Read More

Outback Survival

Outback Survival

Skills, Tips and Tricks. Outback Survival. We’re pretty sure all our readers are smart enough to know how tough the outback can be. Getting out into Australia’s massive landscapes is a lot of fun, but things can go wrong out there – and when they do you need some basic survival skills. Plenty of people Read More

Quick Fist Shovel & Equipment Mounts

Quick Fist Shovel & Equipment Mounts

What are they and what are they for? If you’ve spent any time off roading you’ll know how important it is to keep all your gear secure. It can get pretty bouncy when you’re ploughing your way down a potholed track or through a rocky river bed. Not to mention the way corrugations get stuff Read More

Cape York Tours

Cape York Aboriginal Art

Cape York Tours With Northern Adventures Northern Adventure Safaris in conjunction with Off Road Designs is a four wheel drive touring company based in Brisbane. We operate small group Cape York Tours and charter trips throughout the northern reaches of Australia. From Cairns to Cape York, across the Gulf to Kakadu, Darwin. As well as Read More


Here is a great idea for your next bush walking or camping trip. The Beer Can Cooker. How to make the best travel stove that you will ever need. Ingredients: 1 X Beer Can.  1X Pocket Knife.  Half a cup of Alcohol fuel.

MAXTRAX design

Maxtrax Design. Maxtrax now come in a number of different colours to suit your taste or to match your vehicle. One of the important design features of the maxtrax . Is that they can be stacked on top of each other and with the use of  mounting pins can be mounted on roof racks with Read More


Maxtrax Design & Use. Features Looking around the Maxtrax Design & Use, then breaking down each individual design key and engineering aspect. It can be seen that each plays an important function in the overall use of these Recovery tracks. Starting on the underneath of the boards there are 20 lugs that protrude 10mm to Read More


Are Maxtrax a Quality Product? Maxtrax Quality – We frequently get asked about Maxtrax compared to other recovery boards. Maxtrax are made from a premium UV stabilized and engineered reinforced nylon. The quality is easy to see in the bounce back capability of the Maxtrax. A single Maxtrax bridge test produced evidence of the flexible Read More


Are Maxtrax Value for money ?? Maxtrax Value – At a RRP of $299 for a set of 2 MAXTRAX, they aren’t the cheapest recovery equipment available. But they definitely aren’t the most expensive. What you are getting with a set of MAXTRAX is 1.15 metres of firm, flexible, ground. With traction that can be Read More


Maxtrax Recovery Boards MAXTRAX is a great way of recovering a stuck four wheel drive quickly, safely and easily. I’ve seen far too many recoveries that could have gone wrong to recommend using alternatives. Maxtrax Recovery Boards are a form of traction aid. Which are put underneath the vehicles tyres to give additional traction. They Read More