Maxtrax Recovery Boards

MAXTRAX is a great way of recovering a stuck four wheel drive quickly, safely and easily.

I’ve seen far too many recoveries that could have gone wrong to recommend using alternatives. Maxtrax Recovery Boards are a form of traction aid. Which are put underneath the vehicles tyres to give additional traction.

They are made out of a specially engineered nylon which is UV resistant and extremely strong.


Maxtrax Use

If you are stuck in sand, simply remove them from their storage location. Dig some of the sand out of the way and put them as far under the wheels as possible.

Maxtrax Recovery Boards have the ability to be used as a shovel. Making life a whole lot easier. Especially if you forget to bring a shovel along with you.

Once you have a pair (make sure they are used on the same axle or you will get crossed up) under the wheels. Gently accelerate until the vehicle grabs the Maxtrax and goes forward. These can be used in forward or reverse.


There are a number of alternatives to Maxtrax Recovery Boards, but you get what you pay for.

In mud, Maxtrax also works exceptionally well. Simply move a bit of the mud out of the way (or just jam them under the tyres) and you are set to go. The advantage of storing these on top of your roof rack with RAPTOR RACKS. Is that when they are dirty, you don’t have to put them back in your car.

Maxtrax come in a number of colours, and can be mounted on the rear tyre, roof racks or inside the vehicle.

Vehicle Recovery

If you are going to use the conventional methods of recovering a vehicle (with a snatch strap, tow rope or winch) make sure you always think twice about your safety.


When recovering a stuck vehicle, there are a number of things that can break, creating fast flying object. Snatch straps in particular will take anything they are attached to and shoot it through the air faster than you can see. Dampeners are vital, as they limit how far the strap or cable will go through the air. The advantage of Maxtrax though, is the fact that you don’t have to worry about something breaking or going wrong. You are guaranteed a safe, quick and easy recovery!

Article by Aaron Schubert.