MAXTRAX design

Maxtrax Design.

Maxtrax now come in a number of different colours to suit your taste or to match your vehicle. One of the important design features of the maxtrax . Is that they can be stacked on top of each other and with the use of  mounting pins can be mounted on roof racks with RAPTOR RACKS Universal mounting brackets for secure storage and easy access.

MAXTRAX Platform Rack

MAXTRAX Platform Rack

Having a recovery device is one thing. But to have it within easy access for use is another.

This pair of RAPTOR RACK mounting brackets will suit MAXTRAX MK II and is able to carry a set of either 2 or 4 recovery tracks .

Built with the off road enthusiast in mind. The RAPTOR RACKS, Mounting Kit is made from carbon, glass fiber and nylon composite material.

This robust, durable design is able to withstand all the rugged outback conditions of Australia and the great outdoors.


Four recovery boards are only 115mm high and a set of are two only 85mm high which assists in achieving a low profile when stacked to the side or on top.