Product FAQ


I have the original MAXTRAX. Will the new RAPTOR RACKS Mounting Pins & Bracket work with them?

Sorry, no.

The new MAXTRAX MKII’s have keyholes holes in the ‘corners’ (rather than circular holes) to fit the new mounting pins and linking straps.


Will the sun damage my MAXTRAX or RAPTOR RACKS if I leave them mounted on my vehicle?

RAPTOR RACKS are made from reinforced carbon filled nylon and as such will not deteriorate or fade in sunlight for many years.

MAXTRAX  is also made from heavy duty nylon and includes a UV stabilizer that protects them from damage due to the sun’s UV rays, however the colour will eventually start to fade after a few years or so.

Can I get a discount for buying multiple items?

Yes, we now have a MATES RATES TAB on our main menu bar which offers you great discounts if you purchase multiple items that are the same or from the same product group.

However if you want to buy multiple items that are not covered under Mates Rates or you have special requirements then please give our sales staff a call and we’ll give you a custom quote.

I tow an offroad camper trailer, do I need one or two pairs of MAXTRAX?

One pair (2 units), of MAXTRAX will do but two pairs (4 units), make vehicle extraction even easier. I’d be packing four if I was heading across the desert or to remote areas towing a trailer.

I don’t have a roof rack. How else can I carry my Max Trax?

If you have a vehicle with the spare wheel on the back like a Nissan Patrol, Land Rover or Land Cruiser Troop Carrier. Your MAXTRAX can be mounted outside on your spare wheel using our MAXTRAX rear wheel harness.

The MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness lets you safely and securely carry your MAXTRAX on your vehicle’s rear-mounted spare tyre. Quick and simple to install, the harness makes it easy to quickly grab your MAXTRAX when you need them in a hurry and means you can carry dirty ones without dropping sand, mud or snow in or on your vehicle.

Whats the best way to carry MAXTRAX on my vehicle?


If you vehicle has a roof rack you can attach a set of two or four  to the vehicle with Off Road Designs new RAPTOR RACKS, Universal roof rack mounting system.

These newly released mounting brackets are designed to attach to the front, side, rear and top of most current roof rack designs. The brackets are available with either the MAXTRAX quick release mounting pins or our standard mounting pins.