Rhino Rack Axe and Shovel Mount

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Rhino Rack Axe and Shovel Mount.

A Shovel, Spade, Mattock and Axe can be a great addition to your vehicles off road recovery and camping kit.

Here at Off Road Designs, we now have a new externally mounted recovery equipment storage rack.

Rhino Rack Shovel Mount

That offers you a new and practical way of transporting your Spade/Shovel/Mattock/Pick and Axe outside of the vehicle.

Freeing up internal storage space and preventing cabin damage from scratches, dints, dirt and mud.

If you head off road, chances are that you’ll probably need these tools available at some stage. To dig yourself out of snow, sand, mud or any other type of terrain.

Axe and shovel mount

As they say – When it comes to recovery gear.

It’s better to have them and not need them.”

Than need them and not have them.”

As with all of our Aussie-made products, the Rhino Rack Axe and Shovel Mounts are produced locally here in Brisbane, Queensland and made from tough corrosion resistant 3mm thick Zinc Plated Australian Steel.

Rhino Pioneer Shovel holder

Off Road Designs Recovery Storage Rack System will suit all Rhino Pioneer Platform Systems as well as many other vehicle mounted applications.

Roof Rack Storage Mounts

The slotted tray base in our Rhino Rack Axe and Shovel Mount allows for mounting to a wide variety of vehicles with easy, flexible installation in any number of roof rack mounting positions.

Eg; Front to back, side to side, vertical and horizontal.

Recovery Equipment Storage Rack

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The Off Road Designs, Rhino Rack Axe and Shovel Mount is not limited to just roof rack mounting positions.

Rhino Racck Shovel Holder

It can also be fitted to Ute trays, Ute tray head boards, Vehicle canopies, Canopy doors, Camper trailers and much more.

Recovery Storage Rack

They can also be mounted out of the way, upside down under Ute Trays etc.

Axe and Shovel Canopy Mount

A question we often get asked is :

How do you stop people from stealing my axe shovel etc. ??

Tools can easily be locked in place to prevent theft just by passing a flexible locking cable through the threaded eye bolt on top of the mounting screws.

Rhino Rack Shovel Hilder

Your Kit will include:

  • One – Off Road Designs Zinc Plated Recovery Equipment Storage Rack System.
  • 4 – M10 Rhino Rack Channel nuts.
  • 4 – M10 Nuts, Bolts and washers.

With the ability to hold:

  • A long handled axe or short handled hatchet or tomahawk.
  • A Pick or Mattock Handle.
  • A Pick or Mattock Steel Head.
  • Various sized spades with straight or T Handles.
  • And are also able to carry long handle shovels, if you have room for the extra handle length in the mounting position.

Please note:

That axes, shovels, mattocks and picks come in all shapes and sizes. We have designed our mounting brackets to accommodate a wide variety of brands and models. Occasionally though there will be a one off product that will not fit easily into our mounts. There for we suggest that you purchase our Recovery Equipment Mount first, then test fit your axes, shovels, mattocks and picks to your mount in store before you purchase the accessories.

Please Also Note.

“Axes, Shovels, Pick and Mattock’s are not included with this product.”





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