Rhino Pioneer Awning Mounts


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Rhino Pioneer Awning Mounts are made to suit Rhino Pioneer Platform Racks and are a great way of mounting kings awning to rhino rack roof racks.

Attaching the Rhino Pioneer Awning Mounts to your Rhino-Rack, Pioneer Platform Roof Rack. Has never been easier than with our universal bracket mounting kit.

Rhino Awning Bracket

Simply install the kit to your Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tray, Pioneer Platform or Tradie Rack to create a multi-function mounting asset.

These Universal Rhino Rack mounting brackets can also be used to attach any number of different items. Such as lighting mounts, axe mounts, shovel mounts, attaching a kings awning to rhino rack and pretty much anything else you can think of to mount to your roof rack.


Made from Heavy Duty 4mm aluminium. This robust, durable design is able to withstand all of the rugged outback conditions. That the Australian outdoors can throw at them.


Rhino Pioneer Awning Mounts.

Kings Awning Mounts for Rhino Rack Roof Racks.

The Rhino Pioneer Awning Mounts face plate has a variety of slotted hole spacing’s and positions. This allows you to use a variety of bolt sizes and bolt locations. With spacing’s on the vertical surface ranging from 20mm to 55mm apart.

There are 2 – 10mm x 25mm slotted holes, 2 – 8mm x 25mm slotted holes, 1 – 8mm x 15mm slotted hole and also another 10mm x 15mm center hole. The awning bracket also has enough room between the bolt hole alignments. For you to drill your own customised hole sizes and spacing’s if needed.

This Product contains:

4mm Universal Aluminium Mounting Brackets. x 2.

M10 Galvanised Channel Slot Nuts x 2.

M10 Zink bolts, Flat and Spring Washers. x2.

Universal awningbracket kit


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Weight .650 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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